Information from AKG

AKG is a leading provider of information to the financial services community.

In particular this includes ratings of financial services product providers, assessment of financial services product providers and products and the provision of data on both providers and products.

AKG publishes a number of different series of off-the-shelf Reports, each series being focused on a different Sector of the market.

As well as benefiting from professional foundations (incorporating accounting, actuarial and other market knowledge /skill sets), guiding principles underpinning all of AKG's information are that it is:

  • Accessible
  • Comparative
  • Independent


In 2014 AKG launched an online Rating Portal to increase access to all its financial strength ratings at the ‘Company’ entity level.

Further details of the Rating Portal are available, including an explanation of the supporting data shown in the Rating Portal.

AKG issues a regular series of Update newsletters in order to provide a flow of information to clients about recently published AKG reports and confirmation of any changes to AKG’s Overall Financial Strength Ratings/Financial Strength Ratings. To subscribe to AKG's Update newsletters, please register on the AKG website and select your areas of interest. If you are already registered, you can change your communication preferences at any time by logging in to the AKG website and editing your registration details. Archived copies of past Update newsletters can be accessed by clicking here.

AKG also publishes a useful list of industry Abbreviations, Acronyms and Jargon in order to translate some of the more common acronyms which users might encounter.