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As the market has evolved over this period, the range of entities considered by AKG has expanded. AKG has a wide range of skill sets within its operations. This includes accounting, actuarial, corporate finance, IT and market intelligence experience, to deliver a wide range of appropriate professional capability.

Today AKG’s core purpose is in the provision of financial analysis and review services and in the delivery of key value added financial information to support the wider financial services sector and its customers.

AKG's influence and footprint across the market is considerable and it has few if any competitors with the same structure of skills and approach.

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"Our ratings reflect our customer-focused assessment of an organisation’s ability to maintain its operational capability to meet customer needs. And it’s why AKG’s ratings and reports are designed for ease of use by advisers who are working on behalf of their clients when considering an entity’s financial strength before placing their assets with them."
Gary Bown Chairman
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Better outcomes for all

AKG is part of Fintel, the leading fintech and support services business. 

Operating at the heart of retail financial services, Fintel provides technology, expertise and insights to help the market operate more effectively and inspire better outcomes for all.


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