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We are delighted to announce the publication of AKG’s 2018 Pension Freedoms Paper, Grasping the nettle: Working together to achieve better retirement outcomes. Download your complimentary copy at akg.co.uk/downloads.

Without exception, the pension freedoms changes caught people by surprise. The changes have also coincided with a wider period of regulatory and political change and challenge. So, what we have seen initially is three years of adjustment to the new freedoms with further work to be done in 2018/19 and beyond.

As someone that carries out assessment of a broad range of companies across the financial services industry, including the monitoring of evolving business strategies, AKG has been in a great position to watch the post-pension freedoms market unfold. We have always felt that pension freedoms presented both challenge and opportunity for a broad range of market players and stakeholders.

Some of the key objectives for this AKG paper are as follows:

  • to build on the successful framework established with our original publication in this area
  • to discuss the direction of travel in the market, including provider and solutions landscape
  • to look at challenges and opportunities, old and new, for a range of market stakeholders and participants
  • to illustrate through market research, the thoughts, behaviours, requirements etc. of consumers and advisers
  • to be practical and do some myth-busting where possible
  • to establish a discussion platform with our partners for the paper, and with other key market stakeholders, whereby relevant discussion and debate can be further progressed during 2018/19.

AKG felt once again that it was crucial to underpin thinking for the paper with original market research findings. Three separate, but complementary, research exercises have been carried out to meet this requirement and findings from each of these adviser and consumer studies are illustrated and discussed within the paper and will continue to inform associated debate and discussion moving forward.

AKG has worked with two official partners in the production of this white paper - Prudential and Standard Life. Both partners have been given the opportunity to provide their input and opinion on some of the key issues and themes established within the paper.

We hope that you enjoy reading the paper. If you have any queries about the content or would like to discuss the pension freedoms market with us in more detail please do get in touch.

30 May 2018

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