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AKG is pleased to announce the publication of its latest With Profits Market Briefing which is now available to download here, free of charge.

This Market Briefing reflects back on some of the key statistics, developments and trends observed in our 2018 UK Life Office With Profits Reports, published on 19 December 2018.

AKG has been analysing and assessing the with profits funds managed by UK life offices for over 20 years and, each year, our work in this area culminates in the publication of AKG’s well known and respected UK Life Office With Profits Reports. As a result, AKG is well positioned to reflect on the with profits market and in particular to continue to highlight pertinent aspects for intermediaries.

The briefing is designed to provide intermediaries with an easily accessible overview of pertinent developments and factors in the with profits market. However it is not a substitute for the full UK Life Office With Profits Reports and so those intermediary businesses who need to get under the bonnet of specific with profits funds/companies from an analysis and assessment perspective should still consider purchasing the main AKG output (available here).

8 March 2019

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