Consultancy Services for Intermediaries

Professional intermediary organisations are required to select products and providers under a regulatory best advice framework. This framework provides for the selection of the most appropriate products and providers to meet clients' needs.

AKG is able to assist intermediary firms in this important aspect through the provision of a range of consultancy services.

In particular, along side the provision of financial strength ratings and assessment, AKG can undertake selection against agreed benchmarks or through a hurdle process. Commonly this results in 'white lists' by product area.

Further, detailed selection incorporating consideration of charges, performance or rates where appropriate, product features, and service is undertaken to provide clients with bespoke panels.

In addition AKG provides retainer arrangements allowing AKG input to off panel provider and product consideration, as well as essential comment and assessment of new products, providers or events, throughout the year.

Further assignments, such as panel and process validation, are also undertaken for intermediary firms.

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