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AKG is delighted to announce the launch of its 2017 UK Life Office With Profits Reports.

Who are the reports designed for and why?

These reports are designed to assist advisers and providers in assessing the relative merits of specific with profits funds. The aim is to provide comprehensive, structured and consistent information, accompanied by AKG's key analytical assessments of with profits financial strength, future performance and transparency.

What is the size of the with profits market?

The amount of with profits business in-force remains considerable (with profits technical provisions totalling over £274 billion at the end of 2016).

What funds and firms are covered?

The reports contain analysis and assessments of 185 sub-funds within 72 funds within 26 firms that will be active in the UK market at the end of December 2017 (from 25 different groups). The reports cover providers whose with profits funds exceed £110m, supplemented by smaller companies and friendly societies operating in the intermediary market.

What is included in the reports?

Each individual report provides information on the structure and operation of a provider's with profits fund(s). It also highlights the various risks borne by with profits policyholders and concludes with AKG's long established Ratings for With Profits Financial Strength, With Profits Future Performance, and With Profits Transparency. A number of comparative industry-wide tables are also included, covering a range of key metrics. This year, for the first time, the tables feature industry-wide data from the Solvency and Financial Condition Reports that have been introduced under the new Solvency II regulatory regime.

Can I see the table of contents?

Of course you can, please click here to get a copy of the table of contents.

How much do the reports cost?

£2,150 plus VAT.

How can I purchase a copy of the reports?

The reports can be purchased and downloaded directly from here.

Alternatively you can purchase by email to akg@akg.co.uk and payment can be settled by invoice.

And if you have any questions…

…please get in touch with us.

21 December 2017

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