Led by the Data


The phrase “led by the science” has become a somewhat familiar refrain to us all since March 2020 and notwithstanding political interpretation of it, has been more explicit than ever before in directing the lives of everyone in the UK.

There is a parallel to this in the increasing sentiment in business, in recent years but also particularly in about the last 18 months, that organisations and their offering need to be “led by the data”.

Initiatives in this respect are many. From government and from commercial entities.

AXA for example launched its own data academy earlier this year to up-skill apprentice staff in this area. Clearly a relatively small step and one that needs to be replicated and built on elsewhere, but it is interesting in itself. Not least because of the broad syllabus of data understanding it looks to foster. Within which it is verry good to see a context of customer centricity. Core AXA training topics include:

  • The data landscape
  • Data preparation and essentials
  • Data analysis programming and visualisation
  • Advanced analysis and key concepts
  • Data lifecycle and Big Data
  • Customer centricity
  • Innovation and ways of working
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Communication and influence


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