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AKG has become a leading provider of information to the financial services community over the last 30 years. A core purpose is to support the wider financial services sector and its customers by supplying financial strength assessment report and ratings, review services and financial analysis of products. AKG takes a specific and distinct perspective – that of the customer with ratings and reports designed and delivered for use by financial advisers.

 A range of industry insights are provided by AKG, to assist in support of this purpose. Recent insights can be viewed below:

 Solvency UK

Reform of the Matching Adjustment


What are the latest proposals for the reform of the Matching Adjustment?


 Solvency UK

The path towards Solvency UK


What are the latest proposals for Solvency UK?


 Solvency ii

The UK’s Solvency II Journey– All Change?!


What next for Solvency II?


Solvency II – the post-brexit Remix


         How the UK might reform its application of Solvency II.


The ‘Raison d'être’ of companies


Purpose (real purpose – not just mission statements) matters. It matters in itself, but also within and as one forward indicator of ongoing financial strength and sustainability.


 DFM sector anniversary

DFM financial strength matters


Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the launch of our DFM financial strength ratings and reports. This builds nicely on the strong and longstanding footprint already established by AKG.

 International Platform Sector

New International Platform  assessment sector


AKG is delighted to announce the launch of a new International Platform sector, complementing work done in the existing Provider, Offshore, Platform and DFM assessment sectors.


Led by the Data


There is an increasing sentiment in business, in about the last 18 months, that organisations and their offering need to be “led by the data”.


2021 Predictions


Alongside resolutions the New Year also commonly brings predictions.


Financial Product Fashion


Looking back a decade or so, in terms of financial services products which have fallen out of fashion, there are some big ones.


Googling Insurance


Data use raises lots of questions, including fundamental ones around societal purpose, ethics and more and it is a big part of the long-term big picture in insurance.






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