AKG Rating Portal - DFM Guide

For the DFM Sector

A number of data items are shown within the AKG Rating Portal for each company. These help provide some background context, alongside the rating(s) which are displayed.

For more detailed output from AKG's assessment, an AKG Financial Strength Assessment Report may be available.

The data items shown in the AKG Rating Portal, which will vary in their inclusion by sector and in some cases may also vary within sectors according to entity type, are as follows:

Corporate Data



The brand is the name that the organisation uses to identify itself generally. It is not in itself rated, and a number of differently rated companies could share use of a brand.


This is the 'corporate entity' that is rated. It may or may not share a similar name to the brand under which it operates.


The ultimate owner of the company (or the majority owner if there is more than one owner). For UK registered companies, this information is disclosed in the company's statutory accounts. For overseas owners, the country of domicile is also shown. 

Company Established

The year that the current corporate entity started operating, which is usually the year of incorporation.

Financial Data


Assets under Management

The total amount of assets managed by the DFM.