AKG Rating Portal

Financial Strength Rating Access

The AKG Rating Portal was launched in 2014 as a new way of delivering access to AKG financial strength company level ratings. This was designed to assist the market by enabling:

  • Wider entity coverage within AKG rating and assessment
  • Greater ease of transparent access

All AKG financial strength ratings assigned at a company level are contained within the AKG Rating Portal. Supporting ratings, where assigned, are also contained. Individual companies are rated within rating Sectors and consideration should be given to these sectors particularly when a company may be rated in more than one sector.

Simple functionality is designed for ease of use and access to the ratings, with an ability to set up a Favourites subset of the total population, filter by rating sector peer group as well as this Favourites selection and to search within sectors, Favourites and the total population.

Each rated company has a brief individual data record which can be viewed and printed.

The ratings contained in the portal are also available from the leading third party selection systems available in the intermediary market, where they can be utilised in conjunction with other criteria covering areas such as product features, performance and rates.

Ratings for With Profits funds, which are assigned at the fund or sub fund level, are not included in the AKG Rating Portal, but are available via the appropriate leading third party selection systems, as well as through the UK Life Office With Profits Reports.

For more detailed output from AKG's assessment, an AKG Profile Report may be available.

The data items shown in the AKG Rating Portal, which vary by sector (and in some cases may also vary according to entity type), are explained in more detail in the relevant guide:

  1. Life Companies, Friendly Societies and Similar Entities
  2. Offshore Life Companies
  3. Platform Operators
  4. Discretionary Fund Managers