Consultancy Services for Financial Institutions

(including product providers, platform operators and fund managers)

Providers of product and fund solutions, operating in the extremely competitve intermediary distribution channel, increasingly benefit from an independent external perspective and flexible access to key professional skills and knowledge.

Provider Assessment

As well as standard Financial Strength Assessment Reports on 'mainstream' providers, AKG can also carry out assessments and issue reports on niche/specialist providers in the context of their specific propositions. This allows independent assessment information to be presented within due diligence activities. This is particularly valuable for providers of more complex products/funds and/or those with which the intermediary market is unfamiliar

Proposition Related Review and Assessment

In particular, AKG has developed a reputation for carrying out independent assessments of product/fund propositions and tools, either during their development (where review findings are used for internal reference as the provider fine tunes the positioning of its new product/fund) or for launch activity (where AKG’s review findings and commentary can be employed with an intermediary audience in mind).

Further Consultancy Services

These include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Distribution and Advice Models (new and diversified distribution channels)
  • B2B Market Research
  • Service Assessment
  • Interim Project Management
  • Pensions Software Development and Validation
  • Legislation Reviews, Planning and Implementation


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