Careers at AKG

Like people, AKG is individual.

We can’t think of another business that does what we do in the way that we do it.

Originally established as an actuarial consultancy, AKG has over the years brought additional skill sets into its operations as the market has evolved and the range of entities considered by AKG has expanded. This is great because it means there is a firm professional foundation, and there are robust standards that everyone in the business works to.

And of course as we do work with a lot of numbers and in unpicking often complex financial structures, such as those in life companies or their with profits funds, having a highly developed analytical skill set helps.

But thereafter, AKG is really a blend of other skills, knowledge, experience and attitude. What you can bring in terms of these, to work alongside new colleagues, is key in joining the team.

So there isn’t an identikit AKG employee, but a common culture of seeking to meet client and market requirements through a process of listening and collaboration. And then in bringing a mix of skills to bear in instances where there isn’t always a ready made answer.

There are currently no specific roles being sought, however at AKG we are always keen to hear from people who may be able to contribute within our team.


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