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Through its role as a leading provider of independent information, both ratings and other assessment and comparative data, AKG regularly appears across trade and national publications. AKG enjoys a particularly high profile with intermediary firms and product providers and other key bodies.

A roundup of appearances is provided here for reference.

Advancing Intergenerational Planning Opportunities

AKG’s industry research briefing – Advancing Intergenerational Planning Opportunities – explored the potential for intermediary firms to further develop intergenerational planning opportunities with clients and their families.

The Adviser, Spring 2022 - Simplybiz - 30 May 2022

Never the twain shall meet: With profits & platforms

With profits and platforms may seem like unlikely bedfellows but changes have been happening in the market, says AKG’s Matt Ward.

Professional Paraplanner - 23 Apr 2022

Developing 'vulnerable customer' strategies

In December, AKG partnered with Vulnerable Customer eXperience (VCX) to produce a short paper 'Strength in meeting the needs of vulnerable customers' to signpost the importance of financial services companies meeting the needs of vulnerable customers and the wider benefits to companies of doing this.

Financial Planning Today - 01 Mar 2022

What’s next for UK and international platforms?

Consumer duty, vulnerable customers and operational resilience are three themes which should take up a lot of focus for UK platforms in 2022, says consultancy firm AKG.

International Adviser - 28 Feb 2022

Increasing intergenerational advice demand will require new skills

Advisers will need to improve their skills and tools around intergenerational financial planning to keep pace with demand, according to new research from analyst group AKG.

Professional Paraplanner - 18 Oct 2021

Advisers concerned about family disputes in inter-gen planning

The report by AKG, titled Advancing Intergenerational Planning Opportunities, found the majority of advisers expect demand for intergenerational planning to grow in the coming years but not all feel comfortable approaching the subject.

FTAdviser - 15 Oct 2021

Soft skills crucial to meet intergenerational planning demands

According to research by analytics firm AKG, 54% of UK advisers say demand for intergenerational planning has grown in the past year, with 8% saying it has increased significantly.

International Adviser - 14 Oct 2021

Planners say demand for inter-generational advice is booming

Over half (54%) of Financial Planners surveyed by analysts AKG said demand for inter-generational planning has grown in the past year.

Financial Planning Today - 14 Oct 2021

Intergenerational advice need soars but advisers lack skills

According to an AKG survey 54% of advisers said demand for intergenerational planning has grown in the past year. Yet advisers recognise the need to develop skills and toolkits to deliver the right services to clients and families.

Money Marketing - 14 Oct 2021

74% of Brits have done nothing to reduce future IHT bill

Four-in-10 Brits are concerned about paying inheritance tax (IHT), research sponsored by Canada Life as part of an AKG report found. Yet, 74% haven’t done anything to reduce future IHT liabilities. Only a fifth have taken some action to mitigate a potential tax bill.

International Adviser - 14 Oct 2021

Intergenerational advice demand surge needs adviser skills shift

Intergenerational financial planning is set to expand in importance for advice firms – but advisers recognise the need to develop skills and toolkits to deliver compelling services to clients and families, new research from analysts AKG, in its independent briefing Advancing Intergenerational Planning Opportunities shows.

IFA Magazine - 14 Oct 2021

With-profits cautious answer to cash savings?

Commenting, Guy Vanner, managing director, AKG Financial Analytics, warned that With Profits was not a direct replacement for cash. He said: “There looks to be something of a renaissance for With Profits, with an increasing number of providers now again offering this as an option in the intermediary market.

Professional Paraplanner - 20 Sep 2021

Is this the age of the international platform?

There is a ‘significant growth opportunity for existing participants’

International Adviser - 18 Aug 2021

AKG marks five years of DFM ratings

AKG has marked the fifth anniversary of its work on DFM financial strength assessment ratings and reports.

Professional Paraplanner - 17 Aug 2021

‘Highly competitive’ DFM market warrants close attention

Advisers need to ‘keep their finger on the pulse in terms of staying abreast of ongoing developments’

International Adviser - 13 Aug 2021

Sales of ‘money-back’ annuities increasing

Commenting, Guy Vanner, Managing Director, AKG, said: “There is now a relatively discreet group of providers offering annuities. And as with other products, taking time and considering a range of factors in selecting providers for clients is key for advisers and paraplanners.

Professional Paraplanner - 15 Jul 2021

Platform due diligence financial strength focus

The Guide from AKG shows that advice firms are likely to have been using their chosen platforms for some time and selected them based on three main factors – charges, investment options and online functionality – with financial strength further down the list.

Professional Paraplanner - 02 Dec 2020

Key platform switch criteria revealed in new report

The report by analysts AKG suggests that financial strength is becoming a more important factor for advisers when selecting a new platform.

Financial Planning Today - 01 Dec 2020

Advisers urged to dig into platform finances

A guide from AKG, sponsored by Aegon and seen by FTAdviser, urged advisers to explore a platform’s ability to invest in continued platform improvements, check it boasts strong and resilient key business performance indicators and look for a clear business growth strategy.

FTAdviser - 24 Nov 2020

Is platform financial and operational strength now of even greater importance in platform due diligence?

New practical guide to platform due diligence aimed at advisers and paraplanners from independent analysts AKG.

IFA Magazine - 24 Nov 2020

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