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Through its role as a leading provider of independent information, both ratings and other assessment and comparative data, AKG regularly appears across trade and national publications. AKG enjoys a particularly high profile with intermediary firms and product providers and other key bodies.

A roundup of appearances is provided here for reference.

Sales of ‘money-back’ annuities increasing

Commenting, Guy Vanner, Managing Director, AKG, said: “There is now a relatively discreet group of providers offering annuities. And as with other products, taking time and considering a range of factors in selecting providers for clients is key for advisers and paraplanners.

Professional Paraplanner - 15 Jul 2021

Platform due diligence financial strength focus

The Guide from AKG shows that advice firms are likely to have been using their chosen platforms for some time and selected them based on three main factors – charges, investment options and online functionality – with financial strength further down the list.

Professional Paraplanner - 02 Dec 2020

Key platform switch criteria revealed in new report

The report by analysts AKG suggests that financial strength is becoming a more important factor for advisers when selecting a new platform.

Financial Planning Today - 01 Dec 2020

Advisers urged to dig into platform finances

A guide from AKG, sponsored by Aegon and seen by FTAdviser, urged advisers to explore a platform’s ability to invest in continued platform improvements, check it boasts strong and resilient key business performance indicators and look for a clear business growth strategy.

FTAdviser - 24 Nov 2020

Is platform financial and operational strength now of even greater importance in platform due diligence?

New practical guide to platform due diligence aimed at advisers and paraplanners from independent analysts AKG.

IFA Magazine - 24 Nov 2020

New guide highlights importance of due diligence for advisers when choosing platform providers

Charging levels, service delivery and worries over financial strength are the most likely reasons for advisers to consider switching platform providers, according to research from independent analysts AKG.

Wealth Adviser - 24 Nov 2020

Positive outcomes from Covid pandemic for adviser industry

AKG’s Future of Advice research paper, found that the coronavirus pandemic has acted as “an accelerant” for the evolution of some aspects of the advice and distribution model in recent months.

Corporate Adviser - 02 Nov 2020

Nick Eatock: Using tech to narrow the advice gap

A combination of factors has resulted in the 'financial advice gap' many of which cannot be tackled overnight, writes Nick Eatock. However, he explains better use of technology could help address the situation

Professional Adviser - 22 Sep 2020

ESG climbs up Financial Planning agenda

Three in five (60%) Financial Planners are now factoring in ESG related questions when speaking to clients and undertaking fact finds, according to a new report.

Financial Planning Today - 28 Aug 2020

Advice firms must work harder to tap new advice streams

Advisers need to think more creatively about how to attract new clients in order to survive, according to analysis from AKG and Charles Stanley.

Professional Paraplanner - 11 Aug 2020

Advisers must be more creative in attracting new clients for future survival, according to new research

The Future of Advice – Beneath and Beyond, a new paper from independent analysts AKG and co-sponsored by wealth manager Charles Stanley, reveals that the most enduring and profitable advised opportunity is linked to the various retirement life stages of baby boomers and propositions must be developed to ride the wave of those in and approaching retirement.

Wealth Adviser - 10 Aug 2020

AKG report points to advice firms closing their doors

Advisers are expecting firms to be shut or sold in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, despite a rise in demand for advice, new research from analyst AKG has shown.

Professional Paraplanner - 03 Aug 2020

Advisers fear 'Covid exodus' despite growing client demand

Advisers are expecting firms to shut or be sold and predict that more advisers will retire in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to research from independent analysts AKG.

Financial Reporter - 30 Jul 2020

Advisers braced for fallout of COVID-19

More than half (53%) of advisers believe firms will shut as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, while 45% expect more advisers to retire and 34% forecast a rise in the sale of businesses, new research from AKG is suggesting.

MoneyAge - 30 Jul 2020

Advisers fear Covid-19 exodus despite growing demand from clients

Advisers are braced for firms to shut or be sold and more advisers to retire in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, new research from independent analysts AKG, for its independent paper Future of Advice – Beneath and Beyond, shows.

Wealth Adviser - 30 Jul 2020

Over half of advisers may exit profession in Covid exodus

Just over half of advisers may leave the profession due to the Covid-19 crisis, according to new research from consultancy AKG.

New Model Adviser - Citywire - 30 Jul 2020

AKG: Demand for advice to grow but advisers to exit market

Despite nearly one in five adults saying they need advice post-COVID advisers are braced for firms to shut or be sold and more advisers to retire in the wake of the pandemic, research from AKG has revealed.

Mortgage Introducer - 30 Jul 2020

Mid-size advice firms tipped to be model of the future

The future looks bright for mid-sized advice firms providing they invest in strong technology and diversify their specialities and client base, a report has claimed.The Future of Advice - Beneath and Beyond report, published today (July 30) by AKG, stated there was a “powerful case” for the “right sort of 5-10 adviser business”.

FTAdviser - 30 Jul 2020

Mid-size advice firms tipped to be model of the future

The report also showed consumer confidence was the biggest block to seeking financial advice.

FTAdviser - 30 Jul 2020

Planners predict industry shake-up

More than half of Financial Planners (53%) believe firms will shut due to the pandemic but around 52% forecast a rise in new clients, according to a new report.

Financial Planning Today - 30 Jul 2020

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