COVID-19 Statement

AKG Operations continued uninterrupted by the pandemic and there is no impact on the ongoing delivery of AKG services.

AKG work streams have always used a mix of home and office working and all staff are equipped by AKG to work from home, which they are now doing, with access to the same systems.

Processes, outputs and timescales thereof are unaffected.

AKG Assessment activity to further consider current operational resilience, and capital capabilities of assessed companies to deliver this, continue to do so against the backdrop of the pandemic.

The impact of COVID-19 means that advisers, on behalf of their customers, need information and assurance in this area more than ever. This requires independent input from a recognised source of expertise to this end and AKG is pleased to be able to continue in delivering this assistance.

AKG continues to provide this component directly via our Rating Portal and reports, via rated entities themselves and via third party systems at this vital time, to meet the ongoing needs of the advisory sector.
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AKG’s Voice also joins with all those stressing adherence to ongoing government advice and best practice.


*As at 4 March 2022.

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