AKG UK Life Office With Profits Reports

2016 With Profits Reports Launched

The 2016 edition of AKG’s UK Life Office With Profits Reports is now available for purchase here.

Alternatively you can purchase the 2016 AKG UK Life Office With Profits Reports by email to akg@akg.co.uk and payment can be settled by invoice. If you have any questions, please contact us on +44 (0)1306 876439.

AKG has been publishing its annual series of UK Life Office With Profits Reports for 20 years.

These reports are designed to assist advisers and other analysts to assess the relative merits of specific with profits funds. The aim is to provide comprehensive, structured and consistent information, accompanied by AKG's key analytical assessments of with profits financial strength, future performance and transparency.

The reports provide an invaluable resource for intermediaries who are advising clients in the selection of with profits providers for new policies.

The amount of with profits business in-force remains considerable (with profits assets totalling over £306 billion at the end of 2015). Advice for in-force clients should be just as robust as it is for new business. Indeed evaluating existing with profits funds is an important part of an adviser's job and AKG's reports provide a wealth of relevant information and assessments.

Each individual report provides information on the structure and operation of a provider's with profits fund(s). It also highlights the various risks borne by with profits policyholders and concludes with AKG's long established Ratings for:

The reports are confined to those providers whose products conform to a statutory definition of with profits and includes individual reports and comments on those providers whose with profits funds exceed £100m, supplemented by smaller companies and friendly societies operating in the intermediary market.

The 2016 series of reports contain analysis and assessments of 189 sub-funds within 75 funds within 28 firms that will be active in the UK market at the end of December 2016 (from 25 different groups). A number of comparative industry-wide tables are also included, covering a range of key metrics. 

At over 1,200 pages in length the AKG UK Life Office With Profits Reports provide the full with profits picture.

Ratings contained in the AKG UK Life Office With Profits Reports are not available via the AKG Rating Portal, as ratings are at a fund or sub fund level rather than by Company.

Purchasing the report

These reports are available electronically, allowing ease of access and use. The 2016 series of reports are priced at £2,050+VAT.

Orders can be placed in the online shop or by phone +44 (0) 1306 876439.

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