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For AKG Company Profile & Financial Strength Reports

The information of information currently included in each FULL Report in AKG's series of Company Profile & Financial Strength Reports are the relevant options from the following lists.

Note: Source references shown relate to where the relevant data items are located in a company's PRA Returns for UK long term insurers/friendly societies.

Brand-related information:


Index showing the list of companies covered, and the page number of each section in the report.

Group Overview

A broad overview of the background to the group of companies covered by the report.

Corporate Structure (simplified)

A diagrammatic representation of the relationship between the key companies in the group.


A summary of all of the AKG ratings shown elsewhere in the report. This comprises: product-specific (i.e. With Profits, Non Profit and Unit Linked) Financial Strength Ratings for the main compay in the report; an Overall Financial Strength Rating for each separate company covered by the report; Supporting Star Ratings (i.e. Service, Image and Strategy and Annual Review) for the brand (i.e. these ratings are the same for every company in the report). A  symbol is shown where a particular rating is not relevant, or not provided.

Summary Financial Data:

Key Financial Data

Three tables summarising data shown later in the report for each operating company separately:

Net Inflow Data

Three tables summarising each company's Net Inflow/Outflow (i.e. Premiums less Claims) in respect of its Long Term Business operations. N.B. This data is not shown later in the report:

New Business Data

Four tables summarising data shown later in the report for each operating company separately:

AKG Comment


Information on the main company:

For each report, detailed analysis is provided in respect of the company which is judged to be the primary operating entity within the group.

Corporate Data

Overall Financial Strength

A brief summary of the key factors that AKG feels are most pertinent to its assessment of the company’s Overall Financial Strength.


Non Profit Business

Unit Linked Business

With Profits Business

Key Financial Data - UK Long-Term Insurers

Key Financial Data - Other types of company

New Business Data

Information on each additional company covered by the report:

In addition to detailed coverage on the main company, FULL reports include a one page analysis in respect of each additional long-term insurer within the group which is relevant to that brand.

A multitude of different circumstances and relationships are encountered in practice. An additional company may be a sister company, a subsidiary company, or even, in some circumstances, the parent company, of the main company. It may be open or closed to new business. It may write business directly in its own right; it may be a reinsurance vehicle for business written elsewhere in the group, or it may operate in both ways.

The following items are shown for each additional company included in the report, in each case defined in exactly the same way as for the main company (as described above):

Corporate Data

Overall Financial Strength

Key Financial Data - UK Long Term Insurers

Key Financial Data - Other Companies

New Business Data

Further brand-related information:





Annual Review

AKG's comments on how the brand has performed during the year under review, particularly relative to its peers.

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